The Do's & Don'ts

The Do’s:

Do plan well in advance of your project. Identify the size and quantity of items that you need to dispose of.  Large items take up more space in the container but may not weigh very much and small items can be very compact and weigh much more.

Do know where you want the container placed on your property?  Are there any low overhead wires or tree limbs nearby?  Make sure you actually have room for a container. There are other options. Will you need to open the rear door of the container or will you be able to do all loading from the top?  Will the placement effect access to your garage or entry doors?  Be sure that you intend to place you container on a hard flat surface.

Do cover your container when rain or snow is in the forecast, purchase a tarp and cover it to keep the rain, snow and ice out.  You don’t want to end up paying extra tonnage charges to dispose of a load of water saturated trash.

Do be sure that payment arrangements have been made.

Do solicit help in loading your container from friends.  Many times items are heavy and assistance is needed.  Avoid injury by keeping safety in mind while loading your container.

Do call us with any questions or concerns that you may have about your container or our services.

The Don’ts:

Don’t OVERLOAD your container.  Loading must be level with the sides of the container.  When containers are overloaded we have no choice but to ask that you unload the overages and we will return for the container.  It is not safe for us to transport loads on public roadways that are loaded over the sides of the container.

Don’t place hazardous materials in to the container.  Prohibited items include but are not limited to, liquids, solvents, chemicals, items containing Freon, batteries, paint cans (unless dry), biohazards, medical waste, infectious materials, propane tanks, asbestos, lead painted materials, dirt, equipment containing gas or oil, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, tires, televisions, monitors and computers, radioactive waste, volatile, highly flammable, explosive, toxic or hazardous materials. Please give us a call before placing any questionable items in your container.

Don’t attempt to move your container. If you need for some reason to move the container, simply give us a call and we will schedule someone to come and move the container for you.

Don’t allow children to play in or around a container.  Materials can shift causing injury.  Be alert to the dangers and stay safe.

Our rates and terms are very competitive and many times we can provide same-day service!